Transitioning your stem cell research from complexity to compliant: More progress with minimal paperwork

In this ever-changing world, with real-time digital data available at the finger-tips, the potential has never been higher for laboratories to re-imagine their compliance infrastructure. Digital compliance solutions bring people, projects, and research together to create one view of all your research experiments. It facilitates collaboration, ensures the documentation, and simplifies the review, approval and...
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eCOI – Making Investigators Life Easy

Disclosures – Paper forms. Spreadsheets. Documents. Disparate systems and data exchange formats with no standard process to manage, prepare and mitigate risks. The task of managing disclosures and conflicts of interest they bring forth is about to get tougher – with workforces evolving, going global and shifting cultural expectations. Your COI management needs to evolve...
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Get to know workspace. workspace

The US Federal Government provides financial support in the form of grants to individuals and institutions for research in the areas of public interest or wellbeing of common citizens. The projects are funded out of the general federal revenue.  The federal government has a website ‘’ as a single access point for all types of grants. This site has a page titled ‘Learning Center’.

The ‘Learning Center’ of is, in essence, the gateway to federal grants. This page provides detailed information about the categories of grants, the policies, eligibility, the programs, terms and conditions of award, agencies handling grants and other necessary information. These help an aspirant to pick up the right category of grant for his /her project.

Once you have picked up the category of grant that is most suitable for your/your organization’s project, you will need to get yourself registered with After you are registered, will assign a unique workspace to you for your grant management.

The assigned workspace on the site is like a dashboard for you to create and organise your documents connected with your application for a grant. The main features are as follows:

  • You can access and edit a number of forms simultaneously within an application.
  • You can fill up the forms online or these can be downloaded and filled up offline as per your convenience.
    • The offline PDF forms can be seamlessly integrated with the online forms.
    • The forms on the workspace are reusable. This helps reduce duplication of effort during the process.
    • You can validate your data to check errors, if any, before submitting your application. This helps to reduce the chance of rejection on technical grounds.
    • You can also invite external organisations to help you to prepare the documents for submission.
  • You can create your own application workflow.
  • If the applicant is an organisation, it can create custom roles for its affiliates and assign the same to them. For this, the affiliates will also have to be registered with

Once the application is complete in all respects, the same can be submitted directly from your workspace. The workspace also has the facility to track an application till its final disposal.

Most of the agencies insist on submission and processing of applications digitally. Key Solutions has developed a web-based module called eGrants.  This module makes grant management pleasingly simple. It is a user-friendly and versatile tool. It provides the necessary solution and clarity to various queries of an applicant. This not only accelerates the process of grant management, but also enhances the chances of getting a grant. eGrants also facilitates post-submission tracking of the applications until the same are finally awarded.

If you have a project in mind and are scouting for funds through, go ahead and take help from eGrants to fulfill your desire.

The Common Rule

Common Rule

Human Subjects Research: Individuals who are the subjects of research will be asked to contribute their time and assume risk to advance the research enterprise, which benefits society at large. U.S. federal regulations governing the protection of human subjects in research have been in existence for more than three decades. The Department of Health, Education,...
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Compliance in Stem Cell Research

What are stem cells? Stem cells are undifferentiated (unspecialized) cells that have the capability to proliferate – or divide and renew themselves for long periods. They can be obtained from various sources in the human body: bone marrow, peripheral blood, and embryos. The type and potential of stem cells varies. Totipotent: Obtained from the fertilized...
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