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Adhere to IBC guidelines and protect your personnel, human subjects and the society at large from biohazards.


Handling carcinogens, infectious and oncogenic agents, and allergens is challenging. Our Biosafety module aids the review process for research using hazardous biological agents and ensures safe conduct of such research.


Integration with IRB and IACUC Modules

The IBC module can be integrated with the Key Solutions IRB and IACUC modules. Our integrated application removes redundancies and ensures consistency between related protocols to simplify and accelerate the approval process.


Meeting Management

Research coordinators can use the product to set up a review meeting, to automatically create an agenda for the meeting, and to record the minutes of the meeting. This feature helps achieve full administrative transparency in the protocol approval process.


Review Committee Management

Research coordinators can create a review committee and control review access for each protocol application while abiding by the IBC guidelines on composition of the committee. They can also record feedback from individual members of the committee and facilitate a decision using the product.