Research Compliance Software

Our eProtocol software helps research organizations achieve compliance more efficiently.


eProtocol streamlines the entire research compliance workflow from investigators to coordinators and the review committee. We support the following committees:

Key Benefits

Reduce paperwork and spend more time on research.
Get faster approvals and start your research quickly.
Access approved protocols easily and quickly.

Track the status of an application anytime, anywhere.
Ensure consistency in approval process and criteria.
Compliance is made easy with version control and online archives.

Track your organization’s entire compliance status in one snapshot.
Identify bottlenecks and allocate staff accordingly.
Enable cross-committee collaboration.
Allow more time for research.

Deploy On premises or as an SaaS solution.
Integrate seamlessly with your existing software applications and infrastructure.

Be notified when protocols are assigned for review.
Access assigned protocols online anytime.
Review assigned protocols and provide comments and suggestions.


Complete Workflow Integration

Our software accommodates all communication between the investigators, the coordinators, and the committee. Beyond submitting an application, the investigator can receive feedback and submit revisions through the software. With appropriate checks and balances, every nuance of research compliance is addressed.


Document Version Control

Compliance approval is an iterative process of submission, feedback, and revision. The software allows participants in the approval workflow to access past versions of the application for reference.


Event-Triggered Communication

Participants in the submission, review, and approval process receive e-mail notifications when appropriate events are triggered. This ensures that members get relevant and actionable messages.


Meeting Management

Research coordinators can create a review panel, set up a review meeting, and automatically create the agenda for the meeting through the software. They can also record and circulate the minutes of the meeting and facilitate voting by the committee members.


Protocol Application Cloning

Investigators need not build an application from scratch every time a project needs compliance approval. They can quickly clone a past application and make relevant changes, thereby dramatically reducing the time to fill an application.


Check for Completeness

The software checks applications for all necessary elements of the protocol before submitting it to the reviewers. This reduces the review cycle and accelerates the approval process.