Stem Cells (SCRO) Back

Document your stem cell research materials and data. Streamline the review process for research involving human stem cells.


The committee for Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) is responsible for developing guidelines on issues such as transplantation of human cells into animals, derivation of new lines, donors and registries. The SCRO module of Key Solutions enables a consistent approval workflow for stem cells research and provides a centralized documentation of these research activities.


Compliance with regulations

The SCRO module ensures that any stem cells research conducted in an organization is in compliance with the organization’s regulatory policies by streamlining the approval workflow between the investigators, the coordinators, and the review committee.


Centralized Documentation

Research supported by federal funds or other sources is conducted in demarcated stem cell research facilities. Our SCRO module allows for documentation of these facilities, materials, and research data.


Integration with IRB and IACUC

The SCRO module is integrated with the Key Solutions IRB and IACUC modules, allowing researchers to easily request stem cell protocol approval by adding to an existing protocol.