Animal Subjects (IACUC) Back

Ensure that all your animal research protocols are compliant with IACUC regulations.


Our IACUC compliance module facilitates the review and monitoring of every research protocol involving animals, both USDA species and otherwise.


Comprehensive Review

Animal research needs to comply with USDA regulations and organizational policies for the care and use of animals. Our product helps principal investigators to create and submit detailed protocol applications for approval from the IACUC Committee.


Protocol Amendments

Research methodology often evolves during the course of a research study. Principal Investigators can then quickly add an amendment to their approved protocol and get acceptance from the IACUC Committee. This streamlined process minimizes interruption to the ongoing research.


Document Version Control

A principal investigator may modify the protocol application several times based on the feedback from the IACUC Committee or change in research methodology. The application maintains a history of all submitted versions of the protocol application so that the research coordinators can access any iteration for reference.


Integration with Other Modules

The IACUC protocol compliance module can be integrated with other eProtocol modules such as IBC, SCRO, RSC, CSC, and CS. Beyond compliance, we also support the animal research process with our Facility Management (LARS) and Lab Animal Health Program (LAHS) modules.