IRB Application Back

IRB compliance is demanding and time consuming. We make it efficient and help minimize risk.


Our IRB compliance module dictates a stringent process for compliance approval while minimizing effort from investigators, coordinators, and the committee.


Centralized Access

The protocol application is created, submitted, and reviewed electronically, removing possibilities of data redundancy and human error. All stakeholders – principal investigators, research coordinators, reviewers, and the IRB Office – have access to one common application version.


Automate the Approval Process

While applications continue to be approved by a panel of experts, routine tasks such as meeting management, agenda setting, document routing, and e-mail notifications are automated by the product. An automatic “Check for Completeness” is performed before protocol submission to ensure that the application is complete.



An entire history of forms, comments, attachments, notes, agenda, and meeting minutes is maintained for each protocol application.


Integration with Other Modules

The IRB protocol compliance module can be integrated with other eProtocol modules such as IBC, SCRO, RSC, CSC, and CS. Further, the IRB module can also fit hand-in-glove with our Grants Management and Conflict of Interest modules.