Lab Animal Resource Management Software (LARS) Back

The LARS module integrates the entire facility management process online.


With umpteen specimens, bulky study data, and constant monitoring required, researchers and LARS staff can easily lost track of the status of their lab animals. The Facility Management Module assists in end-to-end LARS activities from animal requisitioning to daily management of the animals.


Fully Integrated Animal Research Solution

The application allows LARS staff to connect with vendors, place orders for animals, process billing, track purchased animals, create an audit trail, and manage the cage population. The Facility Management Module is integrated with IACUC as well as Animal Health Records modules to provide fully integrated animal research solutions


Consolidated Billing and Invoice

Manage billing and invoicing from within the product interface, integrate billing with the organization’s financial system, calculate per-diem and supply charges, and generate periodic invoices. Utilize special features such as “set rate” and "minimum amount" to keep your expenditure in check.


Track and Audit

Tracking every animal of your cage population can be time-consuming. With the ‘automatic census update’ application, LARS staff can manage the facility efficiently. You can easily report and review detailed information such as number of procured animals, price per species, history of animal usage, cage populations, transfers, and per diem charges.