Animal Research Software

Our animal research software facilitates IACUC compliance,facility management and animal health management.


Animal research demands stringent compliance. It also involves complicated facility management and health record management processes. The Key Solutions’ animal research modules simplify and streamline these processes for investigators, LARS staff, and veterinarians, enabling better research at lower costs.

Key Benefits

Get billed automatically for the animals in your research protocol.
Ensure animals with incidents are not participating in your research.

Save time and reduce effort by managing the facilities and health records online.
Automate your census, billing, and animal treatment reminders.
Keep track of the health of each animal in your facility and treat appropriately.

Streamline the entire animal research workflow. Save time for your LARS and LAHS staff.
Ensure USDA compliance by managing the health of your research animals.

Enable integration of billing and invoicing with existing infrastructure such as financial systems.


Online Animal Management

Animals can be acquired, received, tracked, billed, and managed conveniently and quickly. Integration with the organization’s financial system further simplifies the process.


Barcode-enabled Tracking

With our advanced Barcode Tracking Tool, animals may be assigned RFID tags for easy identification and precise recording of each animal’s location and study data.


Custom Record Forms

Record daily study proceedings through Record Forms, customized specially for industry-specific needs.


Integrated Modules

The combination of IACUC protocol compliance, LARS facility management, LAHS health records, and Post-Approval Monitoring is a comprehensive solution that will streamline the entire animal research workflow.