Lab Animal Health System (LAHS) Back

Report incidents, record SOAP details, and facilitate animal care.


Our LAHS module provides comprehensive assistance for effortless health management of the animals in your facility. Easily keep track of updated reports, incidents and recordings, and guide veterinarians in nursing the animals back to health.


Maintain Health Records

Every animal in the facility is tracked with a unique Health Records ID. This ID stores all information related to the well-being of the animal from check in to check out.


Report Incidents

LAHS staff can report incidents when they notice any irregularities in behavior or changes in the subjects’ body. These incidents are automatically reported to the veterinarians.


Take Remedial Action

Upon being notified of an incident, veterinarians can conduct a SOAP review, prescribe a solution, and continually record planned events such as examinations, surgeries, vaccinations, and so on.