COI - Conflict of Interest System Back

The eCOI module allows organizations to comply with conflict of interest guidelines without inconveniencing their researchers.


The eCOI module helps organizations collect disclosures from investigators in a simple and convenient format. Researchers can disclose relevant engagements quickly from anywhere, without interrupting their research activities.


Automated eCOI system

Annual disclosures can be easily managed with our eCOI system, which allows administrators to create and submit Conflict Disclosure forms, make necessary amendments, speed up renewals, and more.


Timely Notifications

The COI management system is integrated with your database. Reviewers are automatically alerted about changes and imminent conflicts. Reminders are sent to researchers notifying them about due disclosures.


Simplified Management

With eCOI, Investigators can track, report, and update COI disclosures anytime and anywhere. The system automates the COI disclosure process and saves time by avoiding potential conflicts.