Post Award Grants Management Software Back


Upon being awarded research grants, it is vital that the funds be managed correctly, with focus on appropriate documentation and records keeping. Post Award Management Software software from Key Solutions helps streamline this process and keep things clear and straightforward for auditing purposes in the future.


Proposal Tracking

Keep track of the status of your project proposal with the help of software to upload and process the Notice of Award according to agreements and project deliverables.


Structured Spending

Our specialized software module for management of grants awards helps to create and maintain a spending plan that is structured according to the specific needs of the research program and its requirements. It also imports and displays expenditure data from institutional financial systems in a user-friendly and familiar format.


Award Audits

Supervise budget modifications, screen sub-awards, and track project deliverables with our programs. Automatically create fresh grant accounts in your financial systems based on approved award budgets, on a secure and safe platform.