Key Solutions Resources

Key Solutions Overview

Key Solutions provides technology products for organizations engaged in life science research. With our streamlined process for Research Compliance, Lab Animal Management, and Research Administration, we ensure that you can focus on research while we take care of the ‘paperwork’.

We offer not only the above products but also expert professional support that help you and your organization in the following ways:

  • Collation of studies conducted at multiple sites
  • Streamlining of processes by time management
  • Protection of research subjects – human as well as animal
  • Administration of research facilities
  • Achievement of regulatory compliance in research.
  • Shared secure access to documentation for easy record maintenance
  • Automated, online submission of approval forms and follow-up paperwork

Research organizations connected to medical schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, the Department of Defence, biotechnology companies, and independent research organizations, all can benefit by using our special compliance modules for life science research