Transitioning your stem cell research from complexity to compliant: More progress with minimal paperwork

In this ever-changing world, with real-time digital data available at the finger-tips, the potential has never been higher for laboratories to re-imagine their compliance infrastructure. Digital compliance solutions bring people, projects, and research together to create one view of all your research experiments. It facilitates collaboration, ensures the documentation, and simplifies the review, approval and audit lifecycle of research work. It is even more important when the research involves,which needs to be compliant with regulatory requirements every step of the way.

Stem Cell Research Administration:
Stem Cell research encompasses any research that involves the use of human gametes and blastocytes (or embryos), use of human embryonic stem cells (hESC), human embryonic/adult or fetal germ cells, and any other human pluripotent (capable of giving rise to different cell types) stem cells. The Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) Panel reviews the scientific merit, and ethical justification of proposed research involving stem cells and determines whether to approve, require modifications to, or disapprove.

Challenges of Manual Compliance to SCRO administration
The entire process of submitting the protocols and details of materials, procedures, funds, and data; following up on a timely basis, usually takes up a lot of time which can be better used by researchers doing actual stem cell research than the paperwork. To ease this burden on researcher teams, different software solutions are available today, but they are not comprehensive solutions leading to repetitive tasks and avoidable delays. An integrated solution that offers comfortable and easy support allows researchers to concentrate on their research.

About Key Solutions SCRO module
Key Solutions offers SCRO stem cell research oversight protocol software that oversees the preparation and management of compliance documents for stem cell research. The module helps prepare material & data documents, providing complete version control and change history. Our solution workflow streamlines everything from review and approval to deployment and regulatory considerations.

SCRO module features:
• Using our SCRO module, you can create experiments seamlessly from an intuitive user interface. You can establish protocols, clone protocols, and capture notes in real-time to streamline your workflow.
• Maintain the audit trail by saving and customizing templates for easy reproducibility and reduced manual errors. Assign tasks, track approvals, and maintain your audit trail, from anywhere.
• Maintain traceability of your research project by utilizing digital data capture functionality, thus reducing the data entry errors and increase quality and reliability of compliance documentation.
• Compliance with regulations – The SCRO module ensures that any stem cells research conducted in your organization complies with the organization’s regulatory policies by streamlining the approval workflow between the investigators, the coordinators, and the review committee.
• Research supported by federal funds or other sources is conducted in demarcated stem cell research facilities. Our SCRO module allows documentation of these facilities, materials, and research data by providing a centralized documentation facility.
• The SCRO module is integrated with the Key Solution’s IRB and IACUC modules, allowing researchers to quickly request stem cell protocol approval by adding to an existing protocol.

If you are interested in putting your stem cell research on the path to achieving real-time, cost and quality advantages, contact us today for a demo of our solution.