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Getting Started with the Workspace

The Grants workspace provides a standard way to apply for federal grants in The applicants are provided with shared and simultaneous access to collaboratively complete and submit grant applications. Workspace offers different forms and workflows that are suitable for individual applicants as well as large organizations.


  • Supports multiple users’ concurrent access for application forms.
  • Reusable workspace forms to minimize duplication efforts.
  • Validations help to correct errors before submission and reduce the rejection rate.
  • Seamless integration between online web forms and offline PDF forms.
  • Collaborate with external organizations to participate in application submission.


The approach provides centralized user access management and capabilities to oversee application form completion. Workspace has approach options, and they are the basic approach, intermediate approach, and advanced approach.

The basic approach is best for organizations with one or two registered users. The two core roles are Expanded AOR or Standard AOR.  An intermediate approach is best for organizations with three to five registered users. The three core roles are Expanded AOR, Standard AOR, and Workspace Manager. The advanced approach is best for organizations with external organization participation. The three core roles are Expanded AOR, Standard AOR, and Workspace Manager. External participant roles can be given to external consultants to access the application forms.

Custom roles are a combination of the administrator and core roles with custom privileges to create tasks for grant manager, budget manager, or Grant writer.

Create a Workspace

  • Register with as an applicant and login to the online application.
  • Search Grants to identify the current funding opportunity and select an appropriate opportunity to view the details.
  • Select the funding opportunity package tab to view the list of package opportunities for the funding.
  • Preview the forms that are requested by the agency and identify the form requirements.
  • Select the opportunity to apply and subscribe for the opportunity for future changes.
  • Apply using workspace by creating a workspace application filing name.
  • View the agency provided forms that can be filled for the application.

Add Participants for workspace

  • Add people within the organization as well as an external organization as participants to work on the workspace applications.
  • Restrict access to the budget forms if necessary.
  • New users’ access can be created for external users.
  • Workspace access notifications will be sent to the participants.

Complete Application Forms

  • Fill the forms directly from the forms page or download the PDF form to fill the details offline.
  • The application forms can be locked by the users to prevent accidental updates for the forms.
  • Reuse existing forms from another workspace to avoid redundancy and preview the form before selection.
  • Edit the online form with the necessary information or download the PDF and update the information and upload to the workspace.
  • After providing complete details check the application for errors to confirm information accuracy.

Submit Application

  • After error corrections then the application is ready for submission.
  • Sign in with the password and submit the application.
  • Application submission confirmation will be received from the agency with a tracking number and provided data & time.
  • Once submitted the progress bar is updated and the workspace will be changed to read-only mode.
  • Only an authorized user can reopen and update the submitted application.


Organizations can select a suitable approach for workspace based on size and requirement. The organizations can create custom roles or assign roles to the affiliated organization users. The workspace is one place that provides flexibility to support various workflows and access privileges based on the organization needs.

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