A basic approach to submitting first grants.gov application

grants.gov application


A grant is a way the US government funds the projects to provide public services and stimulate the economy. Grant.gov provides a platform to find opportunities from federal agencies. The basic approach for applying grants is to learn about the grant, check for eligibility, search for grants, register at Grants.gov, submit the application, and track application status.

Learn about Grant

The Grants Learning Center is the gateway to grants and provides information about the grants, its policies, eligibility, terms, agencies, programs, and other information. The applicants are provided with videos and resources that help in application. The applicants get information about grant lifecycle and management, laws and regulations for federal awards, grant eligibility, terminology, funding agencies, and programs.

Check Eligibility

The organizations eligible for the grant are Government, Education, Public housing, For-profit, and Small business. Individuals apply either as an organization representative or as an individual applicant for grants that are open for individuals. Foreign applicants eligible for grants need to follow the same process of domestic applicants and must file U.S tax returns with TIN/EIN. It is very important to determine the legal eligibility for a funding opportunity if not the applicants would be wasting the time and money for the application process. Applicants need to read application instructions for a funding opportunity, and the agencies define the eligibility in the synopsis details section.

Search Grant

The applicants can search for opportunity on the grants.gov using keywords and opportunity number. The filtering capability gets the grants based on opportunity status, funding instrument type, eligibility, category, and agency. The applicants select the opportunity published by the grantor and view the details.

Register with Grants.gov

The applicants need to register with Grants.gov with an organization or individual profile by providing first & last name, email address, and phone number. The applicants create username & password and send a temporary code to confirm the email address. The workspace is created in Grants.gov and provide access privileges for submitting an application for a suitable opportunity.


The applicants log into the Grants.gov workspace with user credentials. The workspace is suitable for small organizations to large organizations with external consultants. Users can work on multiple forms simultaneously and edit different forms within the application. Workspace allows to download the PDF form and work offline. The applicants and organizations can tailor the workflow and customize roles for completing application forms. The application forms are validated for errors and the errors are corrected before submitting to the grantor. Once the application is submitted for funding opportunity the applicant receives confirmation and the application can download for record keeping. The applicants track the application status by providing tracking numbers. The Grantors review the application and provide the status of the application until there is a decision on the grant.


Researchers can prepare their grants applications, route it for internal approvals, and submit it to the funding agency with the Key Solutions eGrants module.

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The grants.gov provides a faster, easier and cost-effective electronic platform for more than 1,000 different grant programs supported by grant-making agencies. Annually, more than $500 billion funding was awarded to different organizations for federal and non-federal programs. The applicants can securely register with grants.gov and easily research suitable grant opportunities. The simplified application process provides built-in quality checks for validation, hassle-free application submission, and real-time application tracking.

Organizations or individuals register with grants.gov and submit your first application.