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Ethical guidelines governing stem cell research protocol are intricate and convoluted. Our Stem Cell module enhances your management and attention when juggling critical documents, capital equipment and research data to satisfy SCRO regulations and standards.

Human stem cell research includes research involving the derivation and use of human embryonic stem cells, human embryonic germ cells, human umbilical cord stem cells, and human adult stem cells. Stem cell research is typically overseen by a Research Committee who is responsible for developing research guidelines on issues such as transplantation of human cells into animals, derivation of new lines, donors, and registries; as well as reviewing and approving research protocols.

All researchers conducting Stem Cell research must submit a protocol to a Research Committee. To assure that research involving the use of human stem cells is in compliance with regulations and compliance standards at your research organization, Key Solutions offers a web-based Integrated Research Administration and Compliance module for Stem Cell Research.

Our module helps organizations manage the protocol compliance process as well as the proper documentation of facilities, capital equipment, materials, and data in facilities where both research supported by federal funds is conducted and where non-registered SCRO research is conducted.

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