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Our Biosafety module ensures a flawless, efficient approach to obtaining IBC approval. Now you can achieve administrative transparency for compliance, while ensuring that protocol is stringently adhered to.

When conducting research, it is imperative that your personnel are protected from biohazards like carcinogens, infectious and oncogenic agents, controlled substances and allergens. For this reason, obtaining protocol approvals from the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) must be done first. The IBC is responsible for enforcing policies and guidelines related to use of all potentially hazardous biological agents. The Committee ensures that research involving these agents is conducted safely so that researchers, human research subjects, the public and the environment are not endangered.

The IBC reviews all research protocols involving biological agents and approves or disapproves based several factors, including hazard potential, containment procedures, lab safety techniques, disposal and decontamination procedures and emergency plans.

This approval process demands the attention of many types of individuals within a research institution. From submission to approval to tracking the progress of a project, there are many steps that can detract from getting your project started. Key Solutions offers a web-based Integrated Research Compliance and Administration System that will allow you to perform and coordinate all IBC Bio Safety administration and compliance tasks in an integrated and error-free manner.

Each member of your team – principal investigators, research administrators, reviewers and IBC – can have access to a portal through which they can perform all protocol-related activities. An email notification system keeps your team informed of each other’s progress. An email alert system will warn of approaching deadlines. Our automatic ‘Check for Completeness’ system makes sure that your IBC application is complete before it is submitted. Our Integrated Research Compliance and Administration System simplifies the time-consuming and complicated process of protocol approval so that, with the minimum of effort, you can be assured that your research meets all Biosafety standards.

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