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Position Title :
Research Compliance Application Training Specialist
Position Type :
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Reports to :
Vice President, Implementation Services
Salary Range :
Based on Experience
Job Location :
2803 Lakeview Ct., Fremont, CA

Position Summary

The Training Specialist, under the direction of the Implementation Manager, shall ensure that customers and employees receive superior training in the use of research administration and compliance applications software.

The goal is to ensure that customers and employees not only master necessary software features, but can successfully apply them to work situations according to best practices with the aim of achieving the highest possible levels of personal and team productivity. The successful Trainer will view his/her role as a mix of educator, instructor, best practices and productivity coach, skills assessor, and training material designer. Although based in Fremont, the trainer will have responsibility for remote training sessions as well as occasional on-site sessions.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Deliver instruction/training in the use of Key Solutions’ software applications. Instruction may include in-classroom, web or video conference sessions, or occasional on-site training/support.
  2. Creation or preparation of reference guides and slideshows, videos, and animations.
  3. Work with development and/or business process teams to adequately understand how the software supports the business and incorporate business process information into training sessions and materials.
  4. Plan, design, develop and maintain class training materials, quick reference guides, FAQs, online learning materials and additional instructional or informative documents as needed.
  5. Assist in developing and maintaining full end user documentation and course descriptions.
  6. Promote best practices among various end user communities through outreach, communication, and direct assistance.
  7. Conduct hands-on training and coaching involving scheduled presence during on-site as well as during online training sessions.
  8. Assume other duties as may be assigned from time to time by your supervisor.


  1. 3+ years of experience providing software applications training in a corporate environment.
  2. A Bachelor’s Degree in a related field is preferred.
  3. Working experience with research compliance and administration domain and applications is strongly preferred.
  4. Strong ability to quickly grasp new concepts and applications.
  5. Experience training end users in research compliance and administration software commonly used in the industry is considered a plus.
  6. Experience creating training videos, animations, or online materials is preferred. The candidate must be able to create training materials as well as conduct training classes.
  7. Superior public speaking, listening, and personal interaction skills are essential. The candidate must be able to communicate clearly, professionally, and comfortably with customers and employees alike.
  8. Must be able to educate and motivate, as well as train. The candidate must be able to relate software features to customers’ work environment, tasks, and objectives in an effective manner that leads to improved quality and productivity.
  9. Problem-solving and analytical abilities are important. The candidate must be able to work with customers to apply software to specific task needs, and to find innovative short cuts or work-arounds for new or complex scenarios.
  10. Experience creating Word templates and macros is considered an advantage.
  11. This position also requires excellent organizational abilities and commitment to continued learning. Candidate should have a solid understanding and proven experience in planning training courses and developing materials tailored to education/training/work objectives; researching best practices; continuously improving presentation abilities and use of technology for training; and developing writing styles and skills.
  12. Extensive and advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), OneNote, or Open Text document management system, Internet Explorer 8+, Windows 7 or 10, and SharePoint (from an end user perspective).
  13. Occasional travel to conduct training is expected. During software deployments, travel of up to five (5) or more business days may be required. Overall travel is generally less than 20% of work days per year, but may exceed that depending on software deployment plans.

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