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Lab Animal Resource Management System

Management of laboratory animals in a research organization is a complex and intricate process which involves requisition, tracking, receipts, husbandry, and billing for the animal facility. LARS from Key Solutions provides a systematic and simplified process for research animal management, combining different procurement and tracking tools into a single, manageable scheme.

Key Solutions’ LARS module provides the following main advantages to the researcher using animals for research purposes:

  • Animal requisition: Managing vendors, creating requisitions online, tracking orders from vendor to facility,      etc.
  • Animal husbandry: Generating receipts for orders, cage cards, integrating RFID, updating census regularly,      generating reports, tracking space availability and animal transfer data, etc.
  • Billing & Invoice: Integrating billing and invoice management systems with organization’s financial system,      calculating per diem and supply charges,generating billing and payments for receivables etc.
  • The system provides a uniform, automated process, increasing data integrity, saving time, and eliminating errors while improving the quality of research.