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eProtocol Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee System (IACUC)

Key Solutions’ IACUC system aids researchers working with animals in maintaining impeccable records for regulatory compliance in animal care. The integrated approach of our system enables effortless development, submission, routing, review, approval, and reports and audit trails. This, in turn, frees the researcher to focus on research while all the regulatory compliance requirements are taken care of by our system.

The user-friendly format of the eProtocol IACUC system simplifies the complex process of applying for approval for animal-based research protocols. All types of reviews, renewal, amendments, and deviations can be recorded and processed in a paperless manner with impeccable documentation for regulatory compliance purposes.

The IACUC system speeds up the protocol application process by automating it, eliminating errors, reducing compliance risks, and ensuring that research meets all ethical and regulatory standards related to proper treatment of lab animals.

The system creates a central repository for all institutional data for increasing efficiency and creating compliant research environment.