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eRA (electronic Research Administration) – How to make it work for you

Electronic research administration (eRA) is the process of running research projects and handling the management of the same, using paperless and online means. In contrast to the traditional methods of submitting proposals/protocols, keeping records with the help of journals, memos, emails, spreadsheets, etc., eRA works almost completely 'paper-free'.

Here are few of the ways in which eRA can help research professionals:

  • Research compliance: eRA software keeps the compliance requirements up to date and eliminates confusion with the various regulatory requirements of different authorities.
  • Animal resource management: The well-being and safety of the lab animals is critical to the continuity and integrity of the research being undertaken. eRA can help in various aspects of management of laboratory animals.
  • Grants management: Key Solutions grants management software provides all benefits of submission and tracking of grants management, thus leaving the researchers additional time to focus on the actual research work.
  • Conflict of interest: eRA software can help detect prospective conflicts of interest and thus prevent any hindrances to ongoing research.

To know more about how eRA is creating an environment of more efficient systems for conducting and documentation of research processes, fill in the your details and we'll send you a free copy.