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Our Animal Ordering module is specifically designed to organize and manage the procurement, tracking, and auditing of animal specimens. The immense amount of oversight helps save time, improve results, and create an efficient and concise process for your research studies.

Animal Studies involve a tremendous amount of resource management to keep track of animals requested and used in projects. Key Solutions’ web-based Integrated Research Administration and Compliance module for Animal Ordering is a record keeping application created specifically for animal care technicians, veterinary technicians, veterinarians and investigators. The module automates the entire requisition, ordering, census and billing process for animal research studies; saving time, improving inventory, and enhancing your research project.

You can requisition animals, submit orders to vendors, record the receipt of animals, track animals and cage populations, process billing and create an audit trail. Details of each of these steps can be documented and reports generated. You can organize and easily access information such as the species of animals ordered, price per species, the history of animal usage, animal and cage populations, and per diem charges.

The Animal Order module is fully-integrated with our IACUC Research Compliance software in such a way you have centralized access to animal ordering and animal census for all studies to improve planning. In addition, your team has access to the Animal Study Compliance protocols at all times to ensure that orders are consistent with approved protocols.

The module is fully integrated with Husbandry, Animal Health Record and Study Management modules.

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