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Our Animal Health Records module is an organizational program that properly documents the procedures, health records, and general health progress of your research study. The health history of each animal can be segmented by area, timeframe or protocol for easy breakdowns and reporting.

Organizations involved in animal studies need to maintain accurate and easily accessible health records for all animals in their facility. Key Solutions’ web-based Research Administration and Compliance module for Animal Health Record streamlines the process, so you can maintain detailed health records, minimizing compliance errors and ensuring a well-managed animal health program.

You can document the health status of incoming animals during the quarantine/acclimation period, monitor and document the diagnosis and treatment of naturally occurring health problems, and monitor animals and rooms for pathogenic and selected opportunistic infectious agents.

The Animal Health Record module provides access to the health history of each animal and the health record of each animal relating to a specific study or protocol. Reports can be generated by many criteria including animal health issues by a certain protocol, health problems by room, or animal health issues in a certain timeframe.

The Animal Health Record module is fully-integrated with our IACUC Research Compliance software so you have centralized access to animal ordering and animal census for all studies to improve planning and to manage, track, trace and care for animals. In addition, your team has access to the Animal Study Compliance protocols at all times to ensure that orders are consistent with approved protocols.

The module is fully integrated with Animal Order, Husbandry and Study Management modules.

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